Tristan Speaks

Mommy:  (Looking at a picture of a chicken in a book)  We eat chickens, we had chicken for dinner.

Tristan: No Mommy, we don’t eat THOSE chickens.  We eat pretend chickens.  We eat people chickens.


Tristan was having trouble going to bed.

Mommy:  Are you feeling okay?

Tristan:  No.

Mommy:  What hurts?

Tristan: My tongue.


Tristan is always thinking up new questions.  Recently I’ve had to explain why the sun disappears at night, which resulted in a demonstration of the sun traveling around the Earth.  And then I remembered the Earth actually spins and goes around the sun.  Science fail.

I’ve also had to explain electricity and “what are those strings for” when he spotted electrical wires.  He also questioned why I need so many lights on inside my car (on the instrument panel.)

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One comment on “Tristan Speaks
  1. Gramma says:

    Wow! I don’t remember such intelligent questions from any of you kids!

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