Letter to Baby

Dear Baby,

It is amazing to think that in one day, you will be here!   It seems like just yesterday when we found out you would be joining our family.  I remember looking at your dad in disbelief and then we were quiet for a little while, not really believing our good luck.  As the days went on and the reality hit us, I don’t think either of us could stop smiling!

The instant you became so much more real to me was when we first saw you on an ultrasound screen.  We could see your profile, arms, legs, tiny fingers and toes.  You were a real baby!  Shortly after that I began to feel “tap tap tap” which eventually turned into “kick kick kick!”  Now you feel like you’re trying to break your way out into the light.

You like music; you seem to move around much more when you can hear a song playing.  We’ve listened to a lot of OAR and DMB when we’re in my car, as well as an overload of Pink and Cee Lo on the radio.  I think you can recognize your dad’s voice, especially when he says, “Baby likes chicken!”  We call you Baby most of the time; we’re waiting until we meet you to use your real name.

Medically, you and I have been through a lot together.  Days when I haven’t felt well, more shots than I can even count, extra appointments and testing, times of worry and concern.  Luckily you have remained safe and healthy each step of the way!  I would do it all over again in a heart beat.

So many people are waiting to meet you!  Most of all your mom and dad.  We talk about what color your hair will be, whose eyes you will have, and if your hair will be straight like your mom’s or wavy like your dad’s.  Of course everyone wonders if you will be tall like your dad!

We know that our lives are going to change completely with your arrival.  But we are ready for you!  We may not know everything there is to know about babies, but we will learn together. We’ve spent the past months decorating your owl room, choosing your clothes, and preparing everything you will need .  We know you will love your new home with us.

Only one more day until we see your sweet face, Baby!  We love you more than anything!

Your Mom

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One comment on “Letter to Baby
  1. Katie says:

    How incredibly precious Candice!!! This brought tears to my eyes! Good luck to you all and many prayers! Love you!

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