Bambino in 3D

He wasn’t totally cooperating with his position, but we were able to get this partial picture!  It didn’t scan very well, but in person we think he looks a lot like Andy especially across his brows and chin.  While we were watching him on the screen, we got to see him smile.  :)  He is measuring 2lbs 7oz, which is the 44th percentile so he’s right on track.

The best news ever is that the placenta has moved!  I no longer have the previa.  I still need to talk to my doctor’s office tomorrow, but I hope this means I will be off pelvic rest and able to exercise.

The not so great news is that I didn’t pass my 3-hour glucose test with flying colors.  I passed by one point.  Since I’m bordeline, my doctor wants to me to see an endocrinologist at a diabetes center.  Hopefully this just means some changes to my diet to make sure baby and I continue to do well.  I will know more later this week.

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5 comments on “Bambino in 3D
  1. Amy says:

    Oh my gosh he’s beautiful! I can’t wait to meet him! Glad to hear about the previa — i’ll cross my fingers about the glucose!

  2. Katie says:

    Ditto to Amy’s comments! She took all the words right from my mouth! I can see him perfectly and he is precious! I am so happy to hear about the previa as well. My friend has the diabetes and it isn’t all that bad. She has had to make some changes to her diet and watch her sugar, but she is doing well. Best of luck. See you soon!!! :)

  3. Kim says:

    congRats and I’m glad it’s u not me with the glucose thing I’ve been pretty much living on ice cream! My luck has run put and I’ve sounded like a frog for almost two weeks now which means no exercise and lots of cold ice cream to sooth the throat.

  4. Candice says:

    Thanks everyone!

    Kim – I hope you feel better soon. In time for your delivery! It won’t be long now. Family get togethers are going to be a lot crazier from this point out.

  5. Lisa A. says:

    Awww he is so cute!!! You guys got a great picture. We had one with Anthony and it didn’t turn out that well because he was cuddling up with the placenta.

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