Arrrgh! I mean… cheese!

Tristan has decided to work on his new smile just in time for Halloween. Either this is a cruel joke someone is teaching him or he just really wants to be a pirate!

It was kind of cute at first!



Then it started getting really pronounced! I can’t wait to see his school pictures this year. I bet the photographers reaction will be priceless.




Here’s a picture of the elusive double squint smile!



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2 comments on “Arrrgh! I mean… cheese!
  1. Kate says:

    LOVE the “pirate” smile! It was probably that Aunt Bonnie who taught him that :) And I do hope that he smiles that way for his school pictures…it would be priceless and a time you will remember forever!

  2. Gramma says:

    Those are some of the best smiles ever!

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