Tristan Art in 2011

The nice teachers at Tristan’s day care do a lot of art projects with the babies.  I scanned some of the beautiful works of art that Tristan made in 2011.
This one was a little confusing at first but I later found out it was made by tire tracks on a toy car.

A footprint tree!

A footprint ghost for Halloween.

This one is tissue paper pieces glued onto construction paper.

Tristan glued pieces of newspaper onto this one.

Mommy had homework in the fall.  I had to decorate an apple for Tristan to hang on the wall at day care.  I think it turned out pretty nice!

All artwork is available for sale.  Originals are $500 and prints are a bargain $250.  Custom orders also available.
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2 comments on “Tristan Art in 2011
  1. Gramma Deb says:

    I’d like the footprint tree. Pap likes the tire tracks. Do we get a discount for two purchases?

  2. Gramma Deb says:

    Pap believes the tire track is of a Firestone wide oval. and the curve on the right was when he caught third gear with all that horse power!

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