Tristan Speaks at Bedtime

I got this gem while tucking Tristan in the other night.

Tristan: *touching Daddy’s lip*
Tristan: “Daddy, you have a mustache.”
(I don’t _just_ have a mustache, there is a beard there too…)
Daddy: “Hah. I do have a mustache.”
Daddy: “Do you have a mustache?”
Tristan: “No.”
Tristan: “I’m just a boy.”


He also likes to tell us “I don’t have dreams in my belly” while we are tucking him in. I then proceed to tell him to have dreams about race cars, dump trucks, air planes, puppy dogs, kitty cats, legos, and anything else I can think of that a little boy loves. Apparently these are not very filling dreams though, because he always asks to see Mommy before bed so that she can give him dreams for his belly too.


I’ve tried to narrow down the list by asking what kind of dreams he wants in his belly. His response. “All of them.” That’s a lot of dreams.


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One comment on “Tristan Speaks at Bedtime
  1. Gramma says:

    Sooo cute! Kids come up with the best things!

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