Despite terrible weather, we still had some memorable moments camping.

We talked to Tristan all day about bears being in the woods. Later, Tristan talked all night about bears being outside our tent when we were trying to sleep…

“What’s that sound?” “Is that a bear?”

Repeat 200 times.

Tristan and I made our own campfire song…

“Walkin’ on rocks. I was getting wet. Pickin’ up sticks. Fire on the grill”.

Repeat 200 times.

The live version really is much better.

At night we chased off raccoons trying to eat our late night campfire snacks. One of them was large enough to be mistaken for a dog.

We went down to the river and watched people get into the canoes then threw rocks into the water for a good hour. Tristan loved doing this and kept saying…

“Are you gonna see this big splash?”

Repeat 200 times.

We went to the fire tower and Mommy and Daddy carrying Tristan climbed 2 1/2 flights before I realized the stairs had turned to wood. That was high enough. Tristan had no complaints about coming back down!

Even though we had to deal with tantrums from Tristan, Delaney, and Daddy (who does not like being wet) – all in all it was a very memorable trip!

Candice will edit this later and add some pictures.

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